Signature Cakes

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Small decorating changes may be made without notice.

Sarah Bernhardt

One layer of yellow cake (base) iced in butter cream and garnished with macaroon crunch. (Top) sponge cake soaked with rum flavor covered with raspberry-apple fruit glaze (doughnut jelly) topped with whipped cream and macaroon crunch.

Nero & Bianco (Black & White)

Three half layers of devil’s food and three half layers of almond intermittent through the cake, filled with light chocolate icing and iced with white icing. This cake boasts an elegant fudge poured top and is decorated with white chocolate dipped cherries. 

Heavenly Delight Cake


One layer of brownie with fudge filling, two layers devil’s food cake with a pecan and marshmallow filling – iced in fudge and topped with additional pecans and marshmallows with poured fudge.