Pastries: Fresh, Refrigerated, Pastry Cakes and Loafs
Pastries: Fresh, Refrigerated, Pastry Cakes and Loafs
Pastries: Fresh, Refrigerated, Pastry Cakes and Loafs

Pastries: Fresh, Refrigerated, Pastry Cakes and Loafs

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Apple Square: Cinnamon sweet dough with sliced apples and sweet icing. Pairs well with coffee. 
Baklava: Crisp fillo dough with a sweet honey sauce. Available with powdered sugar or fudge drizzle. 
Almond Treasure: Crisp fillo dough with chocolate drizzle, honey sauce and almonds. 
Pecan Queen: Crisp fillo dough with crushed pecans, walnuts and honey. 
Bear Claw: Crisp puff pastry with cinnamon sugar and crushed pecans. 
Danish: Our sweet dough rolled with cinnamon sugar and streusel topped with cream cheese and assorted fruit filling. Fruit fillings include strawberry, lemon, apple, blueberry and cherry. 
Napoleons: Layers of flaky puff pastry, butter cream icing and pineapple filling. 
Scone: Blueberry, cranberry or apple cinnamon flavored scones covered in our homemade glaze.
Strudel: Flaky puff pastry filled with apple cut into stripes and iced with fluffy icing. 
Shoe Soles: Thin and crunchy cinnamon sugar pastry. 
Sweet Pretzel: Flaky pastry twisted with icing. 
Salty Pretzel: A soft salty pretzel dough available in twist, pretzel shape or bites. 
Turnover: Available large and small, covered in icing or powdered sugar. Fruit fillings include apple, strawberry, lemon, cherry, blueberry.

Refrigerated Pastries:

Eclairs, Cream Puffs, Bread Pudding, Cannoli


Pastry Cakes & Loafs:

Angel Food Cake: Airy sponge cake with a golden brown crust. Pairs well with fresh fruit. Available plain, iced, fudge topped, fruit glazed, or chocolate topped. 
Cinnamon Rolls: Cinnamon sugar sweet dough filled with raisins and topped with a fluffy white icing. 
Seven Sister: A twist on our cinnamon rolls with lemon and strawberry filling. 
Coffee Cake: Sweet dough filled apple or cherry and topped with our fluffy icing. 
Pineapple Upside Down: Yellow cake with pineapple, mixed fruit and pecans. 
Jelly Roll: Vanilla sponge cake, filled with strawberry and rolled. This cake is covered in apple/raspberry glaze and sugar. Available with whipped cream and as slices. 
Banana nut bread: Traditional banana bread made with real bananas and pecans. 
Pound Cake: Available with pecans on top. 
Blueberry Muffins: Crème cake muffins filled with fresh blueberries 
Apple Cinnamon Muffins: Spiced chopped apple and cinnamon crème cake muffins. 
Pudding Cake: Available in Almond, Fiesta (Orange), Strawberry, Chocolate and Pina Colada. 
Pudding Cake Muffins: Available with Almond or Fiesta (Orange). 
Wine Cake: Sweet dough soaked in rum sauce with whipped cream. 
Fruit Cake: Traditional Christmas fruit cake.