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Italian Bread: hand braided Italian dough covered in sesame seeds
Muffaletta: 8 inch or mini sized breads for muffaletta sandwiches
Po-Boy Loaf – French: 1lb of Italian bread dough rolled into a po-boy style loaf 
Panini: 8 inch Italian bread rounds for making panini sandwiches 
Focaccia: mixed Italian seasonings, tomatoes and pimentos. Loaf, or pistolette size.
Butterettes: Soft and buttery, “pull apart” dinner rolls. Serve warm with butter. 
Pistolettes: 3oz hand rolled Italian bread rolls for sandwiches
Hamburger Buns: White Italian bread pieces hand rolled into burger buns, with a crisp exterior and soft doughy inside. 
Knot Bread: Italian bread dough rolled and knotted with or without seeds on top.
Altar Bread: Hand sculpted Italian bread for St. Joseph Altar. Available in artichoke, crown, ladder, heart, palm, wrath, cross and staff. 
Artichoke Bread: Italian bread shaped into an artichoke for serving spinach dip.
Hot Cross Buns: a soft bread dough with mixed fruits- an Good Friday tradition.